Please sir, I want some Moore

Please sir, I want some Moore
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Actually, art and magic are pretty much synonymous. I would imagine that this all goes back to the phenomenon of representation, when, in our primordial past, some genius or other actually flirted upon the winning formula of “This means that.” Whether “this” was a voice or “that” was a mark upon a dry wall or “that” was a guttural sound, it was that moment of representation. That actually transformed us from what we were into what we would be. It gave us the possibility, all of a sudden, of language. And when you have language, you can describe pictorially or verbally the strange and mystifying world that you see around you, and it’s probably not long before you also realize that, hey, you can just make stuff up. The central art of enchantment is weaving a web of words around somebody. And we would’ve noticed very early on that the words we are listening to alter our consciousness, and using the way they can transform it, take it to places we’ve never dreamed of, places that don’t exist.
– Alan Moore (via brightlightfromadistantstar)

Alan Moore’s beard is my spirit animal.
Seraphon (via magickal-chai)

On my 40th birthday rather than merely bore my friends by having anything as mundane as a midlife crisis I decided it might actually be more interesting to terrify them by going completely mad and declaring myself a magician.
– Alan Moore (via madrantings)